Thursday, April 26, 2012

This how it happened, I'm pretty sure

So the cavemen were all hanging back at the cave one day.  The women had gone off to forage berries and the men were left in charge of the children. It wasn't unusual that the men were with the kids because back then the women had so much more work to do. Weaving intricate baskets, molding dinnerware from dust, grinding herbs for the medicine. Food, clothing, most of the shelter making.  All women.

Nothing simple, like say, knocking an animal over the head and dragging it back to the cave.  Which what the cave men did.  Primarily.

So the cavechildren are running amok.  Driving the cavemen nuts.  And one caveman says/grunts to another.  "Man, this kind of sucks."

And they all go on to grunt/agree that watching the children is the hardest of all of the work.  But what to do? After much deliberation they came up with a plan. "We'll tell them THEY are better at it."

"But that's ridiculous!" One of the men shouted/grunted."The women are emotional. Sensitive. These kids will run all over them. We're MUCH better at it."

This man was immediately clubbed to death.

And that, my friends is how it all began.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sabbatical's over

Brewing something up. Grab your favorite mug and stop back in. You know I like my coffee and my humor a little darker, so I'll skip the sugar.

See you in a bit.