Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Does this look good?

It started with a whiff of a sassy tude and the request to download Selena Gomez songs to her iPod. Next there was some squinting at the mirror, some swiveling to examine the outfit. Then she started asking - does this look good?

This morning she was taking forever in the bathroom and I went upstairs to find her meticulously applying lipgloss.

Does this look good?

No baby, it doesn't. I mean, you do, of course.

But this? This growing up thing?

Not good at all.


Jeannette said...

The clothes that are available for this age range don't help either. It's like the garment manufacturers are trying to make sex objects out of 9 year olds!

Mental Momma said...

So true Jeannette. So far I've managed to steer clear of Justice. We pretty much exclusively shop Lands End with a little Gap here and there these days.

Katherin said...

First we don't care, then we can't care enough, then we just don't give a fuck!!!

Mental Momma said...

Too bad the can't care enough lasts like fifteen, twenty years! Happy to be mostly on the other side though.

Allison Kruskamp said...

I didn't cry today when Sarah away from the car to her kindergarten class. But, this post has me tearing up.