Monday, December 5, 2011

But! On the bright side...

So just a few days after we got home from the funeral-Thanksgiving combo Girlie got a fever. Took her in and the ped said she probably had a virus. Waited it out the full five days (no school, no leaving the house, five days of house arrest) and took her back in. One trip to the afterhours clinic and two x-rays later, we had a diagnosis of pneumonia.


But! On the bright side... waayy back in early November (because it feels like a year ago) I had gone to a wine sale and bought a case of wine to give as Christmas gifts to my neighbors. So now I am drinking the gift wine. See how good I'm doing? The world through wine colored glasses!

I know. Don't say it.


Anthony said...
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Katherin said...

Sounds subliminal to the same reason we buy Tequila on Saturdays.

helen said...

i completely respect your decision to repurpose the wine to another cause.

i hope things are settling down and that you had a nice christmas.


Anonymous said...

Miss your writing- hope you are still at it- you always provided insight that was exceptionally perceptive and witty.