Tuesday, November 25, 2008


No you cannot drag the hair dryer around the house by its cord. No you cannot eat crayons. You really shouldn't climb on the craft table. Not so crazy about you jumping on my bed. Ditto for the tossing of the pillows. The dog bone is for the dog.
The TP is for wiping, not unrolling. Where did you hide my makeup brush? Stop pulling your sister's hair. You want me to pick you up again?

Is is nap time yet?


paul said...
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Katherin said...

Dad says,

I am thankful for the beautiful family in the real life situations that are not hidden in platitudes and light hearted life is ok stuff.Owen tells it like it is. His face is the combination of the two of you.
The sincerity, honesty and "you love me" look regardless of what I do, reminds me of when Jonathan asked, dad what does it mean to think. My response was it will come to you like a slap in the face. Minutes later he came to me, slaped himself in the face and decared, "dad I can think now"