Wednesday, November 26, 2008


That my family is healthy. That my husband is not off fighting a war I don't believe in. That I am not facing foreclosure like millions of others. That my house is not for sale right now. That my business is not for sale right now. That my savings account still has a postive balance. That I get to nibble on the (now famous) Junior League cheese ring and hang out with friends on Thankgiving day. That I still fit my jeans after a summer of too much beer (barely). That I have so many blue skies in Phoenix. That my girlfriends are so wonderful and amazing. That my XM plays such great tunes. That my minivan holds lots of stuff. That my grocery store started carrying my half caf coffee. That I am getting more sleep than this time last year. That my husband ran up a mountain today and still makes my toes tingle.

Happy Thanksgiving

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