Thursday, July 8, 2010

The "Situation"

Has it been over a week since I graced you with my presence?

Been a little mental over the preparations for moving, especially trying to run around to find window treatments that aren't crappy or cheap looking but not custom made. And they have to block enough light so that my kids will start sleeping past sunrise and hang such that they don't interfere with the radiators. That particular combination pretty much doesn't exist, so I ended up ordering a conglomeration of curtains and shades a' la Pottery Barn AND Land of Nod, which I will attempt to patch together in a way that is neither completely ghetto yet regrettably, most likely not exactly stylish.

Hubs' car is piled high with boxes of curtains, two new potty seats, two new room fans, and a large package of TP, waiting to go to the new place tomorrow. My car is equally loaded with new-sed furniture I found for Little Guy's big boy room on craigslist. I scored a great set at almost 1/3 of the original price, the only catch? The people were moving out just two days before we could get in to our new place so it has been "stored" in our car since this weekend. Fabulous.

Tomorrow morning I roll over to the new place bright and early to get the keys and then FINALLY on Saturday our stuff arrives from the central storage in New Jersey.

I can't wait to see my couch again. Hopefully it hasn't adopted a fake tan or cheesy nickname, but if it has, I don't think I'll care.

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