Monday, January 31, 2011


So much of life is timing.

Buying a house then, bad timing. Phoenix seemed like a deal, the prices already sliding. We thought our timing was good.

Buying a house now, still bad timing, but for different reasons. Boston real estate means that now we talk about equity in terms of our losses. The word equity can be about fairness, but we can't even begin to think of it that way.

There is the timing of going back to work. The timing of the children, five years apart. Good timing? Bad timing?

This winter I am baking in a new oven, in a new place. Two years and three states, five different ovens counting the temporary housing in between each move. It is a nice enough oven, but I don't know it well enough yet. The timer goes ding and I still can't be sure that what I have prepared is ready.

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Anonymous said...

I've always thought you were a little crazy, but I know for sure that you are very strong and will no doubt come out on the other side of this with ducks in a row. Hang in there, we love you. The Snellville Kruskamps