Friday, March 18, 2011

Reduce Reuse Revise

I am getting to the point where I have a stack of writing in progress, various short stories and a few longer things that need to be sorted out for either the trash or the recycle bin. Within the recycle pile I've got writing, both glass and plastic, and I need to weed through and divide those too.

At a reading this week, one of the writers said that revision was his favorite part, that he loved taking something he'd done and tweaking it over and over, until someone (or something, usually a deadline) made him stop. I think this could be the case for me too, except I have to admit that I am a little afraid of it. What if I actually make the writing worse? Or what if the first stab is as good as it gets?

Either way, it doesn't matter I suppose because what I absolutely cannot do is let this stuff pile up and do nothing about it.

Because then I would be a hoarder. And crazy.

A crazy hoarder.

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Anonymous said...

All you need now is a cat.