Monday, August 15, 2011

Just another manic Monday

So we're heading to Georgia for ten days this Saturday.

Though I've been to visit, the kids haven't been back in a few years and in addition to the two enormous suitcases and the dog and the carseat and the stroller, I'll be dragging along all kinds of guilt, stashing it in the overhead with my backpack of busy snacks (if it fits).

Plus there is the nail-biting over where to stay and who to stay with and how to make the rounds to see everyone without short changing anyone or making ourselves crazy. There is the crazy early morning flight we booked on points (both ways), the long layovers (both ways), and the reality of traveling with the four year old boy who will either be an angel or something requiring an exorcist. And the logistics around visiting my Dad in the nursing home with the kids, and as of last week a potential surgery which I am hoping will be scheduled after our visit.

And Hubs is out of town this week. He gets back Friday. We leave on Saturday.

So how can I tell I might be losing it?

I packed on Sunday - all of the clothes for the entire family for a trip we're taking this upcoming weekend. I'm done packing, six days ahead. I'm cleaning, organizing, ordering groceries for when we get back, knocking out back to school stuff. It looks like productivity, but really it's crazytown.

Last night I had a dream that my Dad drove us to my parents' place (something he can't do) and he was able to stay at the house with us (something he can't do).

This morning I woke up thinking about my him. And then I thought - I really need to clean the kitchen ceiling fan. So I did.

And then I organized the freezer.