Friday, August 19, 2011

None chucks

Earlier this month Little Guy turned four. I've been waiting for four, since, well, since zero. Four is supposed to be the beginning of reasonableness. Four is the end of baby and the beginning of kid. I am so much better at kid.

Four, so far, has failed to show up and do it's job. But! Everyone swears by five. So on we go.

On his birthday this year we gave him a few Lego sets. He's been playing with Legos at the neighbors houses and has been pretty enamored with them, even going so far as to attempt to five finger a few Lego guys on the way out. So despite the fact that most of the sets he loves are for five year olds, we bought them anyway.

The neighbor boys came over to build the sets and Little Guy achieved some street cred. At least with the seven and under set, he's in.

His favorite item is a little ninja Lego man which he carries with him everywhere. The ninja comes with an assortment of itty bitty weapons. As Little Guy opened the box, he actually shook as he said "Noooooooone chucks." How does he know what they are? So he carries around the tiny little ninja with the teeny tiny numchucks and all is good.

Which brings us to yesterday. I had a sitter coming because I was planning to get a few hours in at the office for my internship. (I love this job by the way. Please send all your happy thoughts and wish on rainbows and all that these people get the funding together to make me a position, because, seriously, I am a perfect fit for that place.) I was almost ready to leave when I noticed that Little Guy had one of the oversized Lego tires in his mouth.

Now this boy never ever puts things in his mouth. Girlie did it all the time, but Little Guy really never has been that kind of child. Hubs and I discussed it when we bought the Legos and decided that he'd be really good about it. Except yesterday. So I explained that he shouldn't, took the tire away for a bit, and he assured me that he wouldn't do it again.

So there I am interning at my dream job when I get the call. Little Guy might have swallowed a Lego tire. He said it did, then he said he didn't. The sitter wasn't sure. He wasn't choking or in any kind of pain. I talked to him, he assured me that he hadn't actually swallowed it and all was well.

Then a few minutes later the sitter texted me that he was "burpy." I packed up and headed home.

It turned out fine. I don't think he actually did swallow the tire. I did take him over to my pediatrician neighbor for a consultation. He is also the father of two boys.

And of course he told me not to worry. This too shall pass.

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