Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The list

I have a long list of personal projects.

I want to find and hang an awesome vintage school house map of the world in my office. I want to finish the look with chalkboard paint on the closet doors. I need to find the perfect set of dining chairs, cheap but still cool. I want to complete the first draft of my novel by the end of the year. I want to submit a few queries, get an article published, and bang out a short story idea before I forget it. I want to take a fiction writing class. I want to lose 5 more pounds.

Of course, I have to carefully pick and choose which projects get done. If I do something for the house, my writing suffers. If I do something for myself, the home decor projects get shelved. With small children at home, especially the two year old master of disaster, I have learned that I can only have one major project at a time. It hasn't been easy to accept this. I am used to having a million things going. I really like getting things done.

But now if I want done, I need to choose one.

Last week I finally finished a little project on my list. I have been in a lemon yellow state of mind lately and decided to add a little punch of it to the dining room by painting some frames I already had. I picked painting the frames as my one thing and put aside the rest of the list.

It took four days and five layers of paint to get it done, but I am happy with the results. Of course, I still need to find the perfect rug. And now I am thinking the chairs might be salvageable in the palest shade of pink.

I guess I'll put it on the list.


latisha said...

oohh! love the colors. im still stealing your table one day.

and in the exact same boat. exact. i finally broke down and bought shampoo the other day never having made any and sick of using drew's gross head and shoulders. i had to choose. haven't played in my herbs in a while, but have to finish this stupid redecorating project i started over two months ago.

latisha said...

then again drew thinks i make all these projects so i dont go crazy cuz sitting around watching elmo folding laundry building legos(his idea of a typical --not me-- SAHM day) would be too boring.

not to be too judgy... but he's probably right.

Linda Pressman said...

You have such a flair for word usage! Master of Disaster - that is so funny! I need to remind myself about doing one thing at a time.