Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My boss

Have I told you about my boss?

She is such a lunatic. I started working for her about eight years ago when I left my corporate job. Her standards are impossible to live up to. Like when I made money during the first year of my business? She didn't even congratulate me! She immediately set the next year's goal higher. She once sent me to a gift show with a fever and had me bring my own sick child to work a few times. She was never completely satisfied with the store displays or the product mix. The windows always had to be more elaborate, more inventive, and get this, cheaper. After I had my second child, she expected me to get back to work almost immediately.

When I finally sold that business, she pushed me to start something new. Now she doesn't even pay me. And at my no-pay job, she expects me to get up at 4:30 in the morning! She keeps a list of articles for me to send in and has me working on a novel in my so-called spare time. Recently she even forced me to submit a poem to a magazine. A poem? I can't write a poem! Like I told you, she is a complete whack job.

This week, I finally snapped. I told her to give me a break! I reminded her that it was summer and both my children are at home. I explained that I only have a sitter for a few hours a week, and my husband travels for work. I told her that I chase a two year old all day, I am damn tired, and she just needed to back off a little.

I stopped just short of quitting outright. Anyway, I think she heard me. She said I could have a little break, just for the summer. Still, she wasn't really nice about it.

In August, when my daughter goes back to school, and my son starts a two day program, she said I had better be ready to get my ass in gear. Bitch.


Lisa said...

Love it!!

Linda Pressman said...

Boy, your boss is such a damn slave driver - sounds like the nut I work for!