Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Last night I met a girlfriend at Modern Steak. It's a gorgeously girlie steak house next to Barney's in Scottsdale. We were there to celebrate her upcoming birthday, but also to raise a glass to our modern problems.

Hubs and I have managed to survive the recent mortgage crisis. We sold our house, and though we had to wire enough money to the closing that it felt like a down payment, the opening of a loan and not the close of one, we're out. The worst of it is over and we still have a little money left.

My friend and her partner have survived the employment crisis. Last week, her guy had not one, but two offers after being unemployed for quite awhile. He is making money again and they'll start to rebuild what they lost.

So we ordered a pricey bottle of wine and toasted the times. We talked about how things had changed, but how we both still felt a little gun shy about spending money. As I looked around the room, I spotted a table of botoxed lifted nipped snipped and tucked old ladies. The Joan Riversesque group didn't look any worse for the wear. Or maybe they were.

Maybe that is the modern way to survive it all - aging, the financial ups and downs, the personal losses. You freeze it, pretend it doesn't exist.

You gussy yourself up and head to a fancy restaurant.

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