Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little boxes

So there is a little problem with the real estate situation in Boston. Little, as in someone shrunk the houses. Little, as in our smallish stash of available cash for the down payment.

We looked at a lovely 1400 square foot mini-ranch with 80's bathrooms (wow, really with the brass wavy light thing over the sink), for $519,000. On the plus side, it had a beautiful back yard. Except for the fact that I-95 ran right behind it, on two sides, if you count the access ramp. The agent actually said that once the trees fill in, we'd hardly notice it. Nothing says you only have a little bit of money like big whiff of diesel. There were a few other fixer uppers without the "great highway access," but nothing that stuck.

So we're going to rent for a bit, and give ourselves some time to recuperate from the Phoenix market. We found a great rental house, in an ideal location, without the backyard bumper to bumper. Now, the little dog is the only small thing holding us up. Fingers crossed that we can convince the landlord to take pets. He is mostly on the yes side, and we should hear something in a few days.

With a little luck, of course.

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