Friday, May 14, 2010


Friday was a particularly challenging day with Little Guy. He woke up uncooperative and I wasn't in the mood to negotiate my way through the morning. By the time we made it into the car to take Girlie to school, he had a full meltdown. He did it again at Target. 10 AM and I needed a cocktail. I grabbed the dish soap and conditioner and sprinted for the check out.

We went to his gym class where he continued to run amok. We went to the park where he refused to listen. Finally just before lunch, I had no choice, we had to run into Trader Joes. I bribed him with the promise of a snack and tried to make it quick and relatively painless.

By the time we got to the checkout, he was starting to lose it again. An older woman was scanning our groceries and she smiled at him. She mentioned that he had a great vocabulary asked how old he was. I replied, "he'll be three in August." This is my standard reply, my way of hurrying the two's along.

"Ah," she said, "most people call it the terribles, but I like to call it testing."

Testing? Ugh. I am so NOT getting a good grade.

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