Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The icing

Yesterday Hubs and I were doing the dishes after dinner talking about how crazy things have been. We could almost laugh about it, but not quite yet.

We're moving in just over two weeks and we have a ton of small things to wrap up in Phoenix. The kids have been especially off the hook lately. His travel schedule has been insane. His project has been extremely challenging. I have been sick. And the vacuum cleaner that came with this apartment doesn't work and the knives really suck.

The thing is, life with two youngish kids is insane enough, so whenever you choose to do anything extra, like say, take a new job and move across the country, you can count on chaos. So when you come down with a stomach flu while your husband is out of town, you can pretty much guarantee your children are going to come to blows over the remote while you are hanging over the toilet praying for a swift death.

On Mother's Day, some woman who was being interviewed said that children are the icing on the cake. I agree. It's just that sometimes they are that deceptively sweet icing, where you swipe a finger full expecting a delicious treat and really, it's just too much.

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