Monday, May 10, 2010

Treasure chest

I am finally up and moving after an illness that was a cross between the flu and some type of Chinese cleansing ritual. I spent Mother's Day in bed watching TV, which in the end didn't turn out to be such a bad way to spend the day after all. I can't remember being this sick in recent years, but I also can't remember being able to stay in bed for a few days straight. I watched Titanic from start to finish, such melodramatic bliss.

Mother's Day morning, the kids burst into the room with their gifts,dark chocolate, cheese popcorn, a really cute shirt from Frances, earrings, and maybe my favorite, this poem from Girlie -

"Mothers are the very best.
They can be as pretty as a treasure chest.
Every time she gives a hug.
I feel snug as a bug in a rug.
They make things to eat.
They also make yummy treats.
I love my Mommy yes I do.
I know she loves me too."

Oh, how I do love them.

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