Saturday, September 4, 2010

Picture this

I've been having the bloggity blahs lately.

It's been building up, but then I stumbled on a blog the other day that sealed it. I can't remember how I got there. I can't even find the link now. But there it was, some woman blogging about apple picking, with every shot styled like a cross between Anthropologie and Pottery Barn kids.

And I realized I'm over it.

I don't care if this gorgeous bohemian chic woman and her two perfect children picked apples and made perfect pies. I don't want to know how she sewed burlap sacks to carry the apples home. I don't care how her house is decorated. I don't care about her stupid mixed breed dog and his jaunty little scarf.

Today my neighbor brought me flowers. I bought some too, so I made her a small arrangement, mixing the two. I want her to like me.

You, I really don't care about.

You don't know me (unless you do, then of course I want you to like me, a lot).

I'm no goddess, I am a regular person. I make beautiful flower arrangements and on occasion, really ugly pies. And you'll just have to picture that in your mind, if you want to. Because I'm not taking any damn pictures.

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Sae said...

You re-affirm why I love you here and there - this one was a HERE....