Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog bog

If a blog entry is posted and no one leaves a comment, does it even make a sound?

Every so often I start wondering about the bizarre motivation behind this whole blog thing. Why choose to write this way? I read a statistic recently that said that there are over 15 million active blogs. Those are just the blogs that have been posted to in the last 90 days. There are millions more that have been abandoned. Portions of peoples lives are languishing out in cyberspace, little orphaned thoughts guarded by outdated snapshots of the family dog.

I guess the more important question is, would I still write this stuff if absolutely no one was reading it? Probably not. It would be like talking to myself.

And that is just crazy, right?


Lisa said...

DON'T STOP! Did you see Julie & Julia - one of the lines said that for every comment - there must be hundreds (maybe it was thousands? millions?) of readers. And what's so bad about talking to yourself, huh?

Linda Pressman said...

We're reading you, Mental Momma! When we see you in class again and we can reference all your witty entries, you'll know it then!

Becky said...

I love this: "little orphaned thoughts guarded by outdated snapshots of the family dog." That's a beautiful description of what must be about half the internet. The other half is porn.

It is a funny hobby, this blogging. I have thought about starting a blog to just be a diary, for only myself. And when I try to write that way--for my own eyes alone--I'm bored and I start thinking about how to shape it for an audience, even an audience of my mom. So I guess my answer is, no, I wouldn't do this either if absolutely NOBODY was reading.

latisha said...

sorry to all previous comments, but i call b.s. you'd still do it. just at the off chance someone will. or wont it doesnt matter.

you feel called to come here otherwise you wouldn't. its just a bonus if you get a comment.

kevin costner and shit..if you build it.

be witty, write it wherever to whoever, just write it. who cares if it's read or not. just show up. somewhere. that's the point.