Friday, August 14, 2009

Two: Part Two

So the plumbing survived our first major attack of the terribles. In the end, Hubs managed to wrench a small doll house table out of the trap, but only after the plumber had already been by to inform us that the entire toilet would have to be removed and reset. And that it would cost around $500. The story will now become a part of family folklore, each year the toy becoming larger and Hubs digging deeper into the toilet to wrestle it free.

But of course there is another part of The Tale of Two that I don't want to forget.

When I kiss his little toes, he always raises the other foot for a "turn." And there's the cute way he insists on an afternoon nap, saying "tired now," while snuggling his blankie like a long lost lover. And that laugh that shakes his entire being. It makes us all smile.

As is usually the case, two sides to every story.


King of New York Hacks said...

HaHa "The Terribles" !! I have to steal that one for my twin nephews !

Kelsi said...

This is my second time with the "twos" and I love it! They are so cute. Much better than the threes (and fours, and fives, and...)

Once they get there they have no excuse for flushing something unflushable.

Jessica said...

Too cute. Gives me something to look forward to with our soon-to-be growing family.

latisha said...

wow c! you are getting so damn good at this stuff. love this post.