Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Having my cake and eating it too

Last night one of my dear girlfriends surprised me with a homemade organic lavender chocolate cake.

Yes, I said a homemade organic lavender chocolate cake.

Just as I was finishing putting the kids to bed, she popped in with the cake, some wine, tea, candles and flowers and we had a little pajama party. She has offered to help out a million times before, but she is also a mother and is pregnant with her second, and it just never felt right to take her up on it. So she decided to surprise me. And Lordy, did I ever need it.

I feel like I have been suffering from nurture deprivation. As a mother you spend so much time making things happen for everyone else. And even with a very supportive husband, there is always a trade-off. He might bike for a few hours and then take the kids so I can write. A give and take yes, and one that I am grateful for, but rarely just a straight give.

And last night was a give. No return favor required, just a chocolate cake and a chance to feel loved.

The cake was perfect. I ate two pieces.

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