Friday, March 26, 2010


So Girlie is home with strep today. She started antibiotics and is already feeling a little better, but fingers crossed that Little Guy doesn't get it too. Yes, Hubs is still gone.

We're still negotiating the inspection part of the sale of our house. We're waiting for the final numbers on the negative equity we have in our house. Try to put a positive spin on negative equity, it's nearly impossible. The movers are scheduled to pack us up in less than two weeks, at which point we'll be moving into a corporate apartment a few miles from here. My Dad is hanging on at home and my eighty year old Grandmother has just flown in to see him. I feel like I should be there too.

I think about writing, but as I sit down to write, I feel all the negativity spilling out, so it seems best to put a lid on it and stick it back in the cupboard, where it can be packed up with all of my stuff and sent to storage until we get to Boston. In a few months, I know it won't seem so bad. I'll unpack it then.

Maybe the whole thing will finally feel like a gift as I rip off the moving company wrapping.

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