Monday, March 15, 2010

Opening a can of beans

So I have been online in my very limited spare time obsessing over houses in the Boston metro area.

Wow. It's not looking pretty.

We have limited our search to several towns that are around 20 minutes (on a good day, no accidents and traffic is moving thankyajesus) from Hubs office. From that area we've tossed out the ones with bad schools and the ones more than 30 minutes from Boston by train - because if I'm embracing the fact that the winters are a wee bit nippy, then I'd actually like to live close enough to enjoy what Beantown has to offer. Otherwise we might as well live in Rhode Island. Seriously.

So, yeah, it's a little expensive. As in all of the houses in our price range probably need a little work expensive. There is the I have blue carpet and 60's wallpaper expensive or the cute but overlooking the highway expensive. Or the condo with the postage stamp property and fees expensive, not to be outdone by the the nicely renovated 1100 square foot colonial with potential for adding on expensive.

You get me snowed in an 1100 square foot house with two children and it's going to get ugly.

So it looks like we're going with the blue carpet. No we're nowhere near making an offer on a house yet. But I know what's coming. We're probably going to have to buy a fixer upper.

Brown appliances, shag carpet, and brass light fixtures in a split level ranch. Yee haw.


lisa said...

I hear avocado green is the new stainless steel. Good luck!

Mental Momma said...

Ha! Let's hope so. I am pretty darn tired of wiping those fingerprints off the stainless anyway.