Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot outside and I'm freezing

We love the place we're in. Amazing neighbors, great schools, cute village with coffee and groceries within walking distance, close to the subway, tons of storage in the attic, a dry basement, swing in the backyard.

But one not so nice thing is that we don't have central air. So that means hauling out the window units around this time of year. Not a huge problem and we are able to keep the house cool with a few small units, though it means rethinking use of the oven late in the day. I cook differently in the summer. More grilling, salads, things on the stovetop. Again, not a huge issue.

However, one of the units is in the dining room. It sits right behind where I usually have my laptop and where lately, I've been getting my best writing done. Now my favorite writing spot is within a few feet of icy window unit air set on turbo blast. I could, of course, solve this issue by moving my laptop. Yet I am hesitant to do it, because as I mentioned my best writing has been happening in that spot.

So here I sit, hottest day of the year so far.

In a sweater.

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