Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not naked, but still

When I was in my mid-twenties an older friend of mine told me that had she realized how great her body looked at 25, she would have walked around naked. It stuck with me for years.

Summer is here and here I am in full combat mode. Pedicure, shaving the nethers, body slimming bathing suit, and when all else fails, the perfect cover-up. Let's face it, knocking on the door of forty and two kids in tow, and yeah, not feeling so hot.

But then today I walked into a store wearing a vintage H & M dress, nothing fancy, but a little on the short side. An older lady stopped me and said something about wearing short dresses while I still can. She lifted her pants leg and gave me a glimpse. Road map of spider veins, she said.

I looked down at my own legs which are still pale and smooth and realized immediately what a jerk I've been about this whole thing. I can't rock 25 again.

But I can absolutely rock 38.