Monday, February 22, 2010


Today I had an interview with one of the bartenders at a local resort. It's not my normal gig over at the New Times blog, they usually leave those assignments to the twentysomething hipsters, but the gal who was doing them moved on and the assignment was up for grabs, so I volunteered to do the one this week. I left little guy with a sitter for a few hours and headed out to the resort.

The bartender invented his own cocktail for a contest and I was there to interview him and watch him make the drink. I love interviewing people. You always go into it with a few ideas, but you never know where the person will take you. Sometimes you'll talk for an hour before they finally blurt out the one interesting thing about themselves. Other times you know instantly what the piece is going to be about as soon as the person finishes the first sentence. Either way, it is always always fascinating.

So the guy makes his drink and at the end of the interview, I am obligated to taste it, of course. Yes, it was a smidge after 11 AM at that point, but it was my job people. The lunch crowd was starting to trickle in, so the guy moved on and left me sitting there sipping a really good drink, with my notes on the table in front of me.

And for about ten minutes, I pretended I was a young hipster resort guest with money to burn, instead of a late thirty-esque mother of two with a baby sitter at home. Then I got up from my cushy leather chair and headed home. Damn.


Lisa said...

I'm sure you were the hippest one there!

latisha said...

so has to have the occasional fantasy.