Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Universe, Why you gotta BE like that?

So I was really looking forward to this weekend. My best friend of thirty years was coming in town to hang out with me. Despite the fact that it was Valentines weekend, and we're two married gals very much into our guys, it was the only weekend she could make it.

I reserved two nights at a local hotel so we could catch up, sans kiddos. We were going to spend the weekend hanging out, shopping, brunching, drinking and yakity yakking non-stop. I haven't had any time away from the kids in a while, so yeah, it was going to be Valentines weekend without our men, but I was feeling the love.

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of Little Guy throwing up in his bed, the first sign that things were not going to go according to plan. But by the afternoon he seemed better, held down fluids and a banana, so I thought I might still work it out. Hubs comes back from a work trip today, so at the very worst Little Guy might still be sick, but it was looking like I could still go.

Still, I wrestled with the worry of it all for the better part of the day. Would I leave a potentially vomiting toddler with my husband on Valentines weekend?

Did I mention that I haven't had a weekend to myself in over a year and that my pal and I were going to have brunch? Brunch, the meal made for leisurely lingering and endless sipping of cocktails. The meal that doesn't exist when you have small children.

Yes. I think I would. TO-tally.

And then my friend called to tell me her flight was canceled.


Sae said...

I am so friggin' sorry girl!

amy said...

and on the heels of the birthday trip! i'm so sorry!!! the universe owes you TWO.