Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can I get an Amen?

As of the last few weeks my evenings with the kids have gotten so much longer. We figured out that Girlie was having trouble falling asleep because she was in bed too early, and Little Guy has been waking up well before 6 AM for the same reason. We've been playing around with bed times, but it looks like Little Guy will go to bed around 8 PM and Girlie has her lights out by 8:30.

This is a huge shift for me, because for the last seven years I have been a huge supporter and devout follower of early bed. Early bed means the kids are always in bed at 7:30 PM. Early bed means that when Hubs is traveling, I have the house to myself and my sanity is within spitting distance of dinner time. Early bed means that when Hubs is home, we can watch an entire movie and still get to bed at a decent hour.

Early bed is my religion.

Now, without warning, early bed isn't working for us anymore, so my evenings are much shorter, or longer, depending on how you look at it.

I was telling this to a friend of mine, who thinks I am nuts about the whole thing, she has never had her kids in bed early. Her children are older, so she tells me this is only the beginning. "At some point, they are up the entire time that you are," she says "maybe even after".

I start to ask her about that, but then I decide that I don't want to know.

For now, I'll stick to my religion and pray for a revival.


latisha said...

hallelujah! ill keep praying for you.

tara said...

okay, what the heck is the trick to early bed. I seem to start the whole process at like 2pm and still they're up at like 9:30 asking for stupid shit. tips please!!!

Mental Momma said...

The trick is to darken the room, turn out the light and leave like you mean it. I think I have always just been like -this is what we do. And I am not very nice, if they get up again, not a meanie, but just short and to the point.

Of course, the flip side is a fairly early morning. Both kids are out of bed by 7 at the latest, so you have to be willing to trade that.