Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Truffles

After Little Guy's nap, I got the kids ready and we headed off to a really nice park nearby. We found the park the other day while driving around and the kids kept begging to go back so I promised them that we would go after naptime.

As we pulled out of the parking garage the first few drops of rain hit the windshield. The temperature on the car dash read 62 degrees. Rainy and a little chilly. I explained that we'd have to try a little later and headed for Whole Foods instead. Little Guy had some trouble with it at first, having spent the last two years in Arizona where a rain delay was unheard of.

We dashed into the store, shivering a little (I know, but we were in short sleeves) and I made a game of finding the few things on my list. As we rounded the final aisle to the checkout, we spied an employee handing out samples - little truffles on a skewer with fresh cherries and angel food cake. And this is what I love about the kids, somehow that sweet little store sample made up for the park trip that didn't happen. They wholeheartedly embrace the simple pieces of happiness.

The rain never did stop, but the kids ended the day all smiles, and probably fell asleep dreaming of chocolate and cherries.

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