Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So a few weeks ago I made what appears to be a colossal mistake and made a big deal about Little Guy using the word stupid. After the Trader Joe's incident, I decided to wash his mouth with a little soap the next time he said it. Sure enough he despised the soap, and for a few days it seemed to do the trick.

Problem solved right?

Yeah, except it stopped working and now he is almost compulsive about repeating it, even with the soap. He says it all the time, most often not in the context of calling someone a name, but to see if I will have a reaction. He sings it, he repeats it in the car, he lets it slip while we're shopping (along with a dramatic wide eyed face as he covers his mouth, and smothers a little giggle).

I went through the same thing with Girlie, the only difference was, she was completely horrified when I explained to her that the word was hurtful and she shouldn't ever ever say it. I think she said it once, got a stern talking to, and that was the end of it.

There are a few other words too, but this one is the one he can pronounce most clearly. So what to do? I am thinking of just letting him have at it. I think if I take the fun of the forbidden away, he'll give it up. Which means of course that I will suffer a little public embarrassment in the process.

So stupid.

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