Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me Me Me

Me time? What the hell is that? Oh right, I'm occasionally supposed to take a little time for myself.

Actually, I got up extra early today and managed to squeeze in a few minutes of uninterrupted time to knock out some things just for little ol' me.

First, I signed up for a local organic CSA. We used to do this in Georgia and I loved it. I have been meaning to do it again for ages, but the ones in Phoenix weren't terribly convenient, so I never got around to it. This particular group has organic meat options and eggs too, so we'll probably add on once we're settled. Yay for fresh organic stuff. Technically this one is for the whole family, but it will do my heart the most good.

Second, and this is a big one, I signed up for a writing class. As soon as Boston became a possibility, I got online and found this awesome organization. Today I registered for a six week "jumpstart" course to get my writing going again.

The class meets weekly and starts three days after we move into our house, so for a few minutes prior to clicking on register, I started freaking out - would I be able to find my way downtown, and figure out the train, and line up the childcare, omg, maybe I should just wait for the fall class. And before I could finish that ridiculous thought, I signed up. I have plenty of time to figure that stuff out and signing up for the class was just the kick in the toosh I needed to start organizing my writing again.

And that one is really only for me.

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