Monday, June 7, 2010

Heavy lifting

So we're two months into having all of our stuff in storage and we still have another month to go.

Little Guy is particularly confused about it, and keeps asking when he'll get his toys back. I have done my best to explain it, but he has no concept of time, so the explanation falls short. Hell, it's almost confusing to me - we were in Phoenix in temp housing, now we're in Boston in temp housing, but our stuff is in New Jersey stored safely (I hope) in a central warehouse. We move into our house in a month, and the company will unload it here then.

Every time we pass a large truck Little Guy asks if his bike is in it. Awww. I know. Right?

Of course, I did set aside some things to keep with us, important papers, some toys, my wine opener, you know, the essentials. When we came to Boston from our temp place in Phoenix, we shipped several boxes of that stuff to a nearby UPS store. We've been here about a week without those toys and the kids have been doubly crazed. Today I received an email from UPS that the boxes had arrived. Hurray! I excitedly told the kids to get their shoes on. We were going to get the toy boxes!

There were too many boxes to fit in the car, but I knew the two largest were the toys, so we squeezed them in. When we got back, I pulled Little Guy's box first, figuring I could keep him busy exploring it while I grabbed the rest. I knew which one was Girlie's because she had drawn a little house on it.

The boxes are fairly large and around 40lbs each, but I was determined to muscle them from the parking garage to our apartment. The kids were bouncing off the walls at that point and couldn't possibly wait until Hubs got home. I drug that box through the garage, into the elevator, down a long hallway, and then another long hallway, and into the apartment. Finally, we rip open the box.

And it was full of Hubs' office computer equipment.

Yep, someone mixed up the boxes, so the toy box went to his office instead. And of course, it was too late in the day to get into the holding area for deliveries at his office.


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Sae said...

You have GOT to be kidding - I sure as shit hope you are. I fear, however, you are not. Sooo sorry.