Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Being at home can bust up the marriage, let's discuss

Take a peek at this article from last fall's Bostonia, I found it while foraging the recycle bin at the library for magazines, so I am a little late in getting to it.

The article references a study which finds that marriages between couples where both partners work outside the home have a lower divorce rate. This is a reverse in trend from the 60 - 80's when the opposite was true (the break-up of the family being one of the main arguments anti-feminists used against women working outside the home).

I haven't read the full text of the study, though I plan to. This is obviously a complex issue for me personally and what I have read so far has me doing some serious thinking. There are many days when I can tell that my presence at home is good for the kids. I can't say that I can find as many days when being at home is good for me too, and possibly, according to the math, good for my marriage either.

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Haplo said...

Interesting article, thanks for sharing. I have always thought that for me personally, working makes me a better mother. I hadn't thought that it made me a better wife too. Something to ponder.
On a similar note, this winter I've discovered that time out of the house away from each other (and the children) definitely improves the marriage. My husband recently began working from home full time. Thanks to winter vacation and snow days, he and the kids and I have had a lot of extra time in the house together. This has not improved our family!