Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confessions of the reluctant housewife

Though I seem to grumble about it quite often here are a few things I love about the housewife thing:

1. A fully stocked fridge. You know, where the yucky leftovers are gone, the containers are all clean and pristine and ready for leftovers, and there are plenty of options for dinner. Never happened when I had my business.

2. Getting the firsthand dirt when the kids get out of school - 99% complaining, but then there is the occasional best day ever.

3. Nobody runs out of clean undies. Sadly, also not the case when I had the business. Yelling out just wear them again? Yep, it stings a little.

4. Ditto for the clean sheets.

5. I know where everything in my house is. Granted, it is because I spend way to much time here, but then again - you need some tape? 2007 tax records? Easter basket grass?

1 comment:

Jojo. xx said...

Completely relate to you on this one!! Definately the underwear and bedding, still don't know where everything is though!!!

Jojo. xx