Monday, February 14, 2011

Romance for four?

Nothing more romantic than meatloaf with the kids on Valentines Day. Actually, there are probably a thousand things more romantic, and yet, here we are.

Meatloaf. With the kids. On Valentine's Day.

I make a pretty badass meatloaf. Not your mother's meatloaf. But, still. Hubs has to head out of town tomorrow and we didn't have a sitter, so this is where we are right now. If this were one of those happy feel-y mommy blogs, next would be the part where I tell you that there is no place I'd rather be.

Sorry folks. I'd rather be out eating sushi alone with my husband.

Hubs did save the day with a nice stash of Lush bath products, so I'll be sneaking off to the tub after the kiddos are tucked in. Who knows? Maybe he'll come and hang out with me and afterwards my skin will be soft and my hair will be clean and I'll smell yummy.

We might be able to save this day yet.

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