Thursday, January 8, 2009

Run, Cheri, run...

Since New Years I have been keeping a schedule of two days on, one day off, running a three mile loop in my hood. My husband , I can tell, is pretty amazed. I haven't run in years. Like maybe eight years. Maybe ten, but who's counting? Don't be too amazed yourself, I haven't made a full three miles yet, but I am well over two and with some power walking in between, getting a decent workout. Now, if we could demolish the rest of these Christmas treats, I might actually be losing weight too, but that is another story.

My mind is chattering away as I run, trying to keep up a good pace and rhythmic breathing. Oh my God, I think, will I make it to 30th Street? But then, after a few days, 30th rolls by and I have to set up a new goal so that I am sure to make the full length in a few weeks. The trick is, I can't look all the way down the street or I just want to give up, but looking right in front of me makes me a little queasy. So I pick a spot just ahead, but not too far.

Isn't that how life is? Look too far ahead and it seems impossible. Too close and it seems pointless. So, you pick a place in between and shoot for that. Somehow you get there and then eventually, you look back and realize you ran the whole damn route.

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