Friday, January 16, 2009

That's AMORE!

Today I made a delicious bubbling pot of cacciatore, a wonderful Italian stew of sorts. Cacciatore means "hunter" in Italian and is most commonly made with chicken, but I tossed in pork, beef, and some fabulous sweet Italian sausage. There are many great recipes for this dish, but I make it like my Momma made it. Simple tomato base with cheap red cooking wine, tons of great herbs, fresh garlic, and whatever meat is on sale. I have experimented with better wine, but the cheapie stuff has salt added and it works really well with the dish. I have tried nicer cuts of meat too, but the pot simmers all day and the discount steaks taste just as tender as the ribeyes.

Thank God I am Italian. The dash of this, touch of that, throw it all in a pot, style of cooking works for my personality and my lifestyle. If I were French, there would be measuring and technique. If I were English, there would be precision and careful timing. But I am not. I am Italian. More is more. Food is love. Pass the wine bottle.

Really, it explains so much.

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