Monday, March 30, 2009


I like to think of this blog as a little jog my brain takes to keep myself exercising my writing skills. If that is the case, then today I am panting along in one of those half-walk-half-runs that make you want to tell the runner "Just walk already, who are we kidding here?"

While I wouldn't exactly call it writer's block, lately my novel stinks, my piece for my writing class is coming along painfully slowly, and my brain is just not cooperating with my fingers (eagerly poised above the keyboard, awaiting a signal, something, anything).

Nope. Not happening.

Maybe I should take up knitting.

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latisha said...

oh i hate these days. there is no cure. until one moment in the middle of changing a diaper with a pen nowhere to be found that magic line appears in your head. ugh. i feel your pain.