Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home again

So vacations are pretty exhausting, no?

We had a really great time and managed to get in a few hikes after buying a hiking backpack to harness and restrain the Little Guy (it was new and yes we broke The Subcompact, but our sanity was at stake, so technically it was like medicine, okay maybe not, but more on that later). I finally started reading a very thick classic novel and managed to get a few hundred pages in. Girlie had a blast and is still at the lovely age where history is exciting and fun. Hubs spent hours pouring over maps and picking out the perfect stops along the way. I think we pretty much knocked my mother in laws socks off, so hopefully we'll be seeing alot of her in sunny Arizona.

Despite the post vacation glow, today I am thinking I would like to be the lithe Reese Witherspoon with her cute smile, tiny ass, and two hipster kids. I got a glimpse of the photos and I am sure that my mother in law's camera added more than ten pounds, because whoa defcon-5 on the diet here. Once I have had a chance photoshop a few, I will post a cute one of me with the Little Guy strapped to my back!

Missed you!

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