Friday, March 20, 2009

History lessons

While in Sedona, we visited the Palaki Ruins. The site dates somewhere between 500 and 1450 AD and contains both the remains of Indian dwellings and pretty amazing pictographs, or early Indian writings, from the Southern Sinagua Indians. The pictures were mostly crude drawings of animals and shapes said to represent water or stars. Pretty basic stuff, and yet it is amazing to think that a person left a mark so long ago. Whether these were personal diaries, art, or messages meant for others, we'll never really know.

It makes me wonder what we'll leave behind for future populations to discover. Maybe one day, my blog will be found in whatever galaxy of cyberspace still exists. My words and pictures, trivial as they may seem, will give those after us a little glimpse of life in the early 2000's.

If I had a choice, I would want to tell them, that though this might seem to be time of greed and self absorption, continue to read on. Dig through these pages. Sift through the dirt and get a little deeper. I would want them to understand that discovering and finding oneself is as time consuming, frustrating, and yet as fulfilling as settling a new land would have been for our ancestors. That while we are admittedly selfish, we are still seekers, and all this blah blah blog stuff is getting us somewhere. That from our keyboards, we are blazing new trails every day.

I am scribbling something crudely on a wall too.

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