Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To do? Ta Da!

Life has been all about a to do list lately. I am working on knocking out a string of things before my mother in law comes next week, followed immediately by my dearest friend from Chicago, followed one week later by my best friend from Atlanta (you're still coming right?). If you want to come stay at Casa de Crazy, you'll need to look into late April, early May. For the next month, we're booked.

I need finish my compiling my tax info (which is complicated this year due to the sale of a business, a house, and a move across country). I need to register the little guy for a little "pre" pre-school program for the fall. I need to rollover some IRA's. I need to have a moment and cry over my retirement account in general. I need to register Girlie for swim class. The exterior windows desperately need washed. I need to get a haircut, and the grays are starting to look like highlights (but not in a good way).

I did get a few things done already. I finally picked up flowers for the front bed. I somehow booked cheap flights to get us back to Georgia in June. I helped my Grandmother book a flight online (worlds colliding). I painted the dining room. I volunteered at the school. I am in the process of writing and rewriting and revising an assignment for my class. Never mind my book, which hasn't gotten a decent paragraph in weeks.

Blah blah blah. Check check check. Next!

I am busy.

And I have to do all this stuff, which could probably be knocked out in a single day under normal circumstances (whatever that is these days), with an eighteen month old in tow and an almost seven year old to shuttle around. It takes for-freaking-ever to finish the simplest things.

And yet I do.


Because I am more stubborn than my children. Because I stop and start again and again and again. Because I WILL FINISH THIS TASK PEOPLE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT AND WILL YOU PLEASE NOT TOUCH THE PAINT CAN BEFORE I HAVE TO RAISE MY VOICE!

Yep. I am busy. And a little crazy to boot. So, what's new with you?

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