Saturday, December 6, 2008

My guy

Hubs and I are celebrating our 13 year anniversary this week. My idea of a perfect date is to slip on the Pradas and take out a second mortgage to cover the wine we order at dinner. My guy, on the other hand, would prefer something with a little more fresh air and a lot less cash. So I planned a surprise hike and picnic at McDowell Mountain Park outside of Scottsdale. We left the kiddos with a sitter and headed out for a few hours alone. The weather was perfect and the conversation couldn't have been better. It was heavenly to be away from all of the distractions of our daily lives and remember how much we enjoy just being together. This year has brought so many changes to our lives - selling a house, selling a business, a new job, leaving our extended family behind, and moving to a place we had never even visited. I couldn't imagine anyone I would rather have by my side. As we sat down for our picnic after a couple of hours of hiking, I had to admit, it wasn't so bad trading the high heels for hiking boots once in a while.

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