Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ode to the cookie

Oh Christmas cookie, I see you over there with your coy come hither look! Don't bat your sugary little lashes at me! I will not be won over by your buttery charms this time! I will not nibble you into oblivion like your partners in crime. I know your little game! You will let me think I have conquered you. You will lead me to believe I have banished you from existence, crunch by flaky crunch. I will sweep your crumbs away, hiding the evidence of my indiscretion. I will dab the powdery remains of our meeting from the corners of my mouth. Yes, I will have regrets, but once you are gone I will feel relief. I will be able to move on.

But you won't really be gone will you? Oh no. Like the stealth snack you are, you'll be back. Just when I have forgotten you, I will find you again, snickering and squishy, hanging over the waist of my favorite jeans.

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