Saturday, February 14, 2009

Like a fine wine...

A few weeks ago I visited a friend of mine in Baltimore. It is hard for both of us to believe, but we have been best friends for almost 20 years. She took me out to dinner one night and we had a fabulous meal while we hashed over the paths our lives had taken over the years.

Not wanting the night to end, we pulled into a cute little bar just around the corner from her house for a cocktail. When we got inside we realized that it was not a cute little bar, but a college bar crammed with children. Okay, not children like my little ones, but children in the sense that a few of them might have been born in the 90's. We didn't want to be dorks and leave, so we made our way up to the bar and ordered two beers. At some point, a guy included us in a round of shots he ordered for his girlfriend's 21st birthday. I pretended to drink mine, but stuffed the lemon into a mostly full shot glass. A few minutes later, a girl came up and started talking to us about how much older she felt than the rest of people in the bar. She was a grad student after all, and was 24. We told her our ages (36 & 37), and she swore she never would have guessed.

We finished our beers and left and had a really good laugh about it when we got back to my friend's place. Of course, we weren't young hipsters anymore, but we still had it.

When I got back to my own home a few days later, I shared the story with my husband. He laughed and said it reminded him of Athens, Georgia where I went to school at The University of Georgia. Thinking he was referring to the students, I agreed.

Then he said, "Yeah, I mean there were always one or two really old people at those bars. Remember? You knew they were too old to be there. It was so funny."

"S'cuse me? But the girl said she never would have guessed..."


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