Tuesday, February 3, 2009

See ya!

The time had come when I could no longer pretend that washing and then piling clean clothes on top of the dryer qualifies as "doing" the laundry. I stuck the little guy in front of Sesame Street and started folding a mountain of clean clothes. One would think that I might be able to accomplish such a simple undertaking without the aid of the Big Bird the babysitter, but the Little Guy takes special glee from grabbing the freshly folded clothes and slinging them to the floor. So, I plopped him on the couch for some quality time with Elmo and the gang. I am very careful about how much TV the kids watch, so I plan my day around the little breaks provided by children's programming. Anyway, it took a while. There were maybe five loads worth teetering precariously over the basket, but who's counting?

I started hearing plinky piano sounds coming from the TV and quickly realized my minutes were numbered. Elmo's World was coming on, and that signals the last fifteen minutes of Sesame Street, and that means I'd better get cracking. I dashed around the house, putting the laundry away and made it just in time to find the Little Guy scooting off of the couch as the credits were rolling. These days, much of my life is motivated by the sounds drifting from my set. There is a spot near the end of one of our Baby Einstein videos where a fiddle tune picks up and I know I'd better get off of facebook and get dinner on the table.

This weekend, I'll be humming a new tune though. I am visiting my bestie in Baltimore without my kids. Hubs is taking a few days off to stay at home with them (my hero) and I will be heading out all by myself early Thursday morning.

I am already packed.

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Stacy said...

Are you sure piling clean clothes on top of the dryer doesn't count as doing laundry? Damn. I need a maid in that case.