Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pass the popcorn

Movies are on my mind. Since we moved to Phoenix (and a new time zone that is neither mountain nor pacific), I can actually stay up until the very end of the Oscars. What a treat! But there is something else. You see, my friends call my husband a sleeper hit. That used to bother me a little. I want them to see how amazing he is right away, but that's not his style. He doesn't jump in with his tongue blazing like me. He observes, eases into things at his own pace. He is comfortable revealing himself slowly and without a great deal of self promotion.

If he were a film, he would be the kind of movie you add to your Netflix list because it got five stars, maybe even won some indie film award, but you wouldn't have heard of it. He would arrive in the mail and you might forget about why you chose him. You would watch your blockbuster action film and your screwball comedy first. You would consider, briefly, sending him back, but choose to give him a chance anyway reasoning that you must have had a good rationale for putting him on your list. You would watch him and then be a better person for it. You would call everyone you know and say you have to see this movie! You would love him.

He's in good company though, with films like Star Wars and most recently Slumdog Millionaire, neither of which were blockbusters until word of mouth elevated them to hit movie status. Yes, my husband is indeed a sleeper hit. He may never win an Oscar, or get picked up by a major studio, but to me he is a cult classic. Saw him the first time years ago, watched him again and again, still love him.

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