Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On sacrifices and speedos

Hubs and I recently downgraded our Netflix to one movie at a time. It's just our little way of saving a few bucks, after all our new President said everyone would have to make sacrifices. Sometimes, this presents a problem on Saturday night when we have already watched our one allotted movie on Friday night and there is not one stinking thing on. Yeah, we are watching DVD's on most Friday and Saturday nights, but if you have kids, most likely you do it too. Anyway, at least we're awake.

Last weekend, Hubs convinced me to watch cycling on the Versus channel. For those of you not familiar with it, Versus is the channel that gets everything kinda sports related, after ESPN and ESPN2 have rejected them. You are likely to find bull riding (which is actually somewhat entertaining to watch, don't tell anyone I said so) and hunting and fishing (snore, does anyone really watch fishing?), but also NHL and cycling. Hubs is a HUGE fan of cycling. It was between that and Apollo 13, so I grabbed a book and we watched cycling.

About halfway through the show I look up and see some guy in a speedo and running shoes running alongside the cyclists. I am all "what the?" and Hubs explains that that's just what the fans do during bike races.

Okay, so let me get this straight. During bowling, the crowd is reverently hushed while a slightly overweight balding dude flings his ball down the lane. But during time trials in cycling, a sport that is home to the recently returned Lance Armstrong, Mr. Hotness Himself, the fans run naked in the streets? Huh? Now, I am not suggesting that cycling deserves the polite observation of say, a golf tournament, but if I am pushing with all I have up some winding stretch of California tarmac, it would seem that that last thing I would want is another guy running alongside me in bikini swim trunks. Cheer from the sidewalk dude, your speedo is killing my mojo.

(Okay, I just proofed this post and came to the conclusion that we might really have to bite the bullet and pay the extra $10 a month for those extra movies!)

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The Taits said...

So funny!! My hubby and I watch bull riding, too...but only if it hasn't already been trumped by a UFC match! What have we come to? Such is the life (PS this is Kim from your writing class, in case you were wondering!) :)