Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why I heart Trader Joe's

I love Trader Joe's.

First, for the the yummy prepackaged dinners and the delicious demonstration food that you actually want to make yourself. Second, because of the the smallish but perfect size and the little kid carts that make Girlie positively giddy when we have to shop. Third, fourth, and fifth would the the great prices on wine.

But now I love Trader Joe's even more. Today, I wanted to marry Trader Joe's, and pop out little organic chicken nugget babies. And this is why...

This afternoon, I got a call from Trader Joe himself, stating that Girlie had WON A COLORING CONTEST, and could we please come pick up our gift bag? Okay, so it is only a grocery store coloring contest, but you should have seen the look on my gals face when she found out that she was the winner! We zoomed off to pick it up and she practically skipped out of the store with a bag full of grocery goodies. Her art will be displayed near the exit and she could hardly contain herself as we called both of her Aunts to tell them the exciting news. And I felt pretty over the moon too. You see, on Friday, I raced down to the store to turn in her entry before the deadline. I didn't drop it off because I needed groceries. In fact I didn't even buy anything that time (I know, a miracle in impulse control). I dropped it off because I promised her I would, and because sometimes I am a good Mom after all.

Yes, I love Trader Joe's. And for the record, Girlie most hearts the gummy kid vitamins they included in our "prize."

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Ian said...

Mental Momma and Suburban Turmoil. Good names. lol