Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wait, what was I saying?

Monday is President's Day and Girlie is out of school. She was off last Monday too. But wait, you ask, why two Mondays in a row?

Let me explain. That is, if I can remember what I was starting to tell you. Oh yeah. President's Day.

Since the birth of my second child it seems like I can't remember ANYTHING anymore. I have always been a pretty sharp minded kind of gal. Now, I can't survive without writing everything down. And it goes double for my long term memory. Facebook would be so much more fun if I could actually recall the name of that girl I roomed with sophomore year.

So, last Monday, I thought it was President's Day and loaded both kids in the car to head to the Children's Museum for a special President's Day event. We got there and the museum was closed. I sat there in the parking lot puzzled and then the school called. Was Girlie sick? I hadn't called in an excuse. Great. It wasn't President's Day. It was just Monday.

A few days ago I forgot the name of something so obvious that when I finally thought of it, I couldn't believe that I could not remember what it was called. I would totally make an example of it, but today I can't remember what it was.

You see?

I am guessing that the years of sleep deprivation have finally caught up with me (for the record, my kids are great sleepers, but I seem to have lost the skill). My girlfriend claims that it is the volume of things we have to remember once we have children. My past is being squeezed out with shoe sizes and Brownie schedules. I guess that would be fine if I got to choose the things I wanted to erase, like my senior prom date or that time in fifth grade when I cried in front of the whole class after losing the Junior Deputy election to my best friend Dawn.

I wonder if my memory will ever come back. Maybe I should start doing crosswords or some kind of brain exercises. Okay, I am writing that down right now.

Before I forget.

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