Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forgive and forget

This week has been an incredibly challenging one. Hubs has been out of town, Little Guy has been sick, and lately Girlie has been, well, a little dramatic.

Last night everything erupted and I completely lost my cool. Boom! Momma goes mental. I hate losing it, but children require an unlimited amount of patience and mine certainly has limits. Limits I am learning to stretch, but still not as far as I'd like. It happened before dinner and I spent the rest of the evening wishing I had done things differently.

Still, I have hope. As I was reading a story to Little Guy before bed he expressed genuine surprise at the ending. It was a sweet moment, but that wasn't the thing that got me. He was able to forget his expectations. We've read that book a million times, he certainly knew the ending, but he chose to forget and allow himself to be surprised and delighted.

Children are the best at forgive and forget. We always say it in that order, but sometimes the forget part needs to happen first. It is the forgetting that allows us to see the wonder and excitement in the same old story. And maybe if the unpleasant stuff is forgotten, the forgiveness comes a little easier.

So, last night before dinner, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I forgot.

I made homemade chicken nuggets for dinner and the kids loved them. After dinner, Girlie and Little Guy danced to The Ting Tings and I recorded it on our camera. I let Girlie hang out on her bed with the dog while I read stories to Little Guy.

We had a great day yesterday.

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Sativa said...

Nice post. It sounds like a great day!